Discover the Power of Your Akashic Records, Transform Your Language, anD Create a Fearless Life.

Unleash Your Inner Courage, Conquer Your Fears, and Slay Dragons.

Are you ready to break free from the chains of fear that hold you back? Uncover your deepest fears, restructure your thoughts, and speak courageously over your life. Download your free PDF and stop allowing fear to drag on and on and on.

Got a Dragon that keeps on nagging?

Why You're Not Slaying Those Dragons

  • You have not accessed the deepest form of yourself via akashic records.

  • You have not asked yourself enough thought provoking questions.

  • You have not identified and had a conversation with your true emotions.

  • You have not changed your language.

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Meet Rev. Kimesha, Ordained Metaphysician

I used to struggle with fear of expressing my spiritual gifts.

If you want to share your gifts with the world, but your fears have you in a choke hold, I totally understand. Although I am now a national speaker, teacher and author, it was not so ten years ago.

I too was scared of criticism for sharing my gift of clair-audience and word magic with the world.

What changed?

The most powerful agent of change for me was the discovery of my own akashic records. I realized that my name literally meant to "do well as a speaker of metaphysics". This was later confirmed in my astrological natal chart. I eventually launched my YouTube channel and everything began to shift after that.

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How Others Are Slaying The Dragon

The revealing of my name, birth date and time reminded me of my purpose which helped me feel more comfortable and confident with moving forward.

- Latoya B.

I know a great deal about myself and my connection to spirit. To have Rev. Kimesha bring it all out in my name quantum leaped me!!!

- Jarenda W.

Knowing the meaning of my name AND seeing how I unconsciously included it in the name of my business is mind-blowing.

- Vanessa

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